Ukrainian Orthodox Church, The Temple In Honour of Apostelike Great Prince Volodymyr

May the prayers to God help!
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of St. Volodymyr temple

         Parishioners of the temple built in honour of Apostlelike prince Volodimir ask for your prayer and financial help in revival of the temple attached to the Kyiv Shevchenko University. The temple was ruined in the 30th of XX century.
         In May 2004 with the blessing and the assistance of the Blessed Volodimir, Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine, the cross and the place, where the first stone of a new temple has been laid, were consecrated.

         For almost 20 centuries Christian temples have been erected by the entire world.
         In thousands of temples earth is united with heaven to prayer songs and chime, and human souls are cleansed.
         Let’s together revive the temple where numerous generations will learn what Christian love is.
         We pray for all the benefactors and ask for God's blessing for all their good deeds. May God return you a hundredfold. “Give and you will be given” (according to St. Luke 6:38).
         If you know people who want to contribute to this charitable act send them this letter.
         The names of the maecenases-benefactors are entered in a church book and, after the temple is built, they will be carved on the ceiling of eternal memory in the honourable place of the God temple in the centre of the capital city.
         May God bless you and all your initiatives!
         In case of need the church will provide all the necessary documents.


    Parish priest of the temple, priest father Andrey Mitcalik

    Beneficiary’s bank OTP BANK,Politeknichne Branch, Kyiv, Ukraine SWIFT: OTPV UA UK Address of the Branch: 29 Peremogy avenue 03055, Kyiv, Ukraine,

    Acc. with RBU: 26006901307068

    Beneficiary’s name Ukrainian Orthodox Church The parish of the temple in honour of the Apostlelike Great prince Volodymyr in Shevchenkivsky district of Kyiv
    Remittance information Charitable donations for church construction
    Correspondent bank (you can choose another bank from the list of RBU’s nostro EUR or USD accounts) Acc. #10094749740000 (This is the corr. acc. of RBU in Deutsche Bank AG
    Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany SWIFT: DEUTDEFF

    Cur-cy Bank name City Country Account No. SWIFT code Clearing code
    EUR Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt/Main Germany
    100 9474974 0000
    Commerzbank AG Frankfurt/Main Germany 400 8880064 01 COBADEFF  
    DZ BANK Frankfurt/Main Germany 5083993 GENODEFF  
    American Express Bank Ltd. Frankfurt/Main Germany 18142707 AEIBDEFX  
    KBC Bank NV Brussels Belgium 480-9588087-33 KREDBEBB  
    Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG Vienna Austria 1-55.033.401 RZBAATWW  
    CHF UBS AG Zurich Swifzerland 230-69243.05N UBSWCHZH80A  
    USD American Express Bank Ltd. New York USA 741793 AEIBUS33  
    The Bank of New York New York USA 890-0342-013 IRVTUS3N  
    Wachovia Bank, N.A. New York USA 2000193659230 PNBPUS3NNYC ABA: 124071889
    Raiffeisen Zentraibank Oesterreich AG Vienna Austria 70-55.033.401 RZBAATWW ABA: 021000018
    GBP HSBC Bank Plc London UK 39260728 MIDLGB22  
    JPY The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd. Tokyo Japan 653-0443522 BOTKJPJT  
    Raiffeisen Zentraibank Oesterreich AG Vienna Austria 194-55.033.401/016 RZBAATWW  
    PLN Raiffeisen Bank Polska S. A. Warsaw Poland PL44175000090000000001340328 RCBWPLPW  
    CZK Raiffeisenbank a.s. Prague Czech Republic 9100006144 5500 RZBCCZPP  
    RUR Alfa-Вank Moscow Russia 30231810200000000085 ALFARUMM  
    OPERU MGTU BR  30101810200000000593  
    INN 7728168971  
    ВІС 044525593  
    ZAO Raiffeisenbank Austria Moscow Russia 30231810400000100006 RZBMRUMM  
    OPERU GU CB 30101810200000000700    
    INN 7744000302    
    BIC 044525700    
    SEK Swenska Handelsbanken Stockholm Sweden 40377199 HANDSESS  
    HUF Raiffeisen Bank Rt Budapest Hungary 12001008-00028929-00100005 UBRT HU HB  

    Rima O. Semenova
    Doctor of Psychology, the Head of the Laboratory on Psychology of Talent
    of Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

    Evgen V. Karpov
    Writer, a Member of National Union of Writers of Ukraine

    Volodymyr V. Volynets

    Volodymyr M. Abrosimov
    The President of International Social-Political Magazine "Европа-Центр"

    Larisa G. Skalozub
    In the past Professor of Linguistics in Kyiv Shevchenko National University

May the prayers to God help!
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